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Handicap tracking and graphing

Thanks for adding Handicaps!  

Feature request, please add handicap tracking over time so that we can see improvement over time!  


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Like the idea! I will pass this along to the rest of the team.

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even mscorecard app has this feature has this and it looks great. it is a great feature to be able to track a drop or increase in ur hdcp over a graph. please add this feature.

A graphical representation of the tracked hdcp would be just great. To be added under profile tab of the golfer.

@keaton - would it be possible to get some graphs that show other stat tracking such as GIR, putts, fairways hit and so on.

So that we can see if any areas are improving or going backwards over time.

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We have been working on improving the statistics layout for a while, I believe that when it is finally finished we will show some of these other stats in a graphical way as well and allow users to see how their game is progressing.

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Let me edit my previous statement, I did not word it very effectively. There are currently graphs for these statistics within the app, if you just click on most of the stats it will show you a graph of your progression over recent months. What I meant to express is that as we finish our overhaul of the stats we will hopefully be able to include more/better graphical representations so users can get an in depth look at how their game is progressing. But currently, there should be a progression graph for just about every stat.

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All said and done , we still don't have graph to show progress of handicap. It would be nice to track handicap progress. It's basic to any golf app.
Thanks Keaton, understand what you mean. The graphs within the app are fairly basic though and you have to jump in and out of each one.
Something like this on the website stats I think would be ideal -
You can cram lots of different stats in the one view (including handicap)


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Any progress on this request?
Stats > Overview > Handicap trend