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Shot Type

A feature that allows you to select shot type e.g. Chip. This would stop chips or pitches from dragging your average distances down.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is one we have received a few times and definitely a feature we wil be looking to add in the future.

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I have looked through some of my histoical data and a bunch of shots have been unselected automatically it seems. they are all from my earlier rounds and they are all ones that are short of my average by quite a long way. Is there already some sort of tollerance to decide whether to include a shot for distance measurement or not?  if there is then the above requested feature would be redundant

There is already an algorithm that excludes outliers so that your average distances are not thrown off by poor shots or using a longer club for a short shot. We are looking into adding a feature to track specific shots types which would simply expand that statistics that are available for your game.

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Hey guys, Thanks for a great app. Any news on the development of shot types?

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Same question. Really interested in buying the golf club trackers but not spending money on it if the short game gives a false interpretation of shot distance!

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Hi Christopher! Our app actually excludes outliers so that your average distances are not thrown off by unusually poor shots or using a longer club for a short shot.

Hi Christopher,

I can confirm that the feature that Cindy refers to works very well and the average club distances are pretty well spot on after you get enough data into the app. Obviously more shots equals more accurate distance averages. you can alos manually exclude shots if you have one that you specifically don't want to use. 

I assume it also must work for shots that far exceed the average also? Can you please confirm that either way Cindy?

Hello Angus! Thanks for your reply. Thanks for mentioning the option to manually exclude - I forgot to mention that! It does also work for shots that far exceed the average as well! Thanks for asking.

implement please

Hi Caleb. You can set the lie type of your shots. See this support article. Is this helpful for you? 

Hey Cindy!

you're busy I see.

I'm talking about chip, punch, loft, ect. so it knows to consider those shots when factoring distance averages as those types of shots destroy the club recommendations based on the club distance averages. 

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Ah, thanks for clarifying. I'll be sure to pass your feedback to the team. Thanks again. 

Another option for each user who wants such a feature might be to create a special/fictitious "CPFF" (chip or pitch from fringe/near-green location, or whatever you want to call it) club in your Golf Pad app bag, which you could select in those instances while using any club you like -- so your CPFF club stats wouldn't skew your "actual" club stats. You'd have to select this club manually, of course, either on the phone or on a smart watch (if that feature is ever added). But it would not preclude use of TAGS for other shots (if you have/use them), as you would simply not touch the TAG to your phone or LINK device in "CPFF" situations. If you already have 14 clubs in your "real" bag, you'd need to decide which (if any) to leave out of your "app" bag.

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Hi Keith - thanks for the feedback and suggestion. Currently, outlier shots (particularly short or long) are excluded from your club stats automatically. While we work on additional features, I hope this information is helpful to you!

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