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have a tag for marking flag position

Having the ability to mark the pin position in the app is nice, but I rarely use it because it is too much of a pain to fiddle with the phone while I am on the green.  If we could have a tag that marked 'pin position' instead of a club I would simply scan that as I picked up the ball from the hole -- nice and simple and wouldn't interfere with playing my game at all.

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I had the tag in my pocket and every time I wanted to tag the flag I took it out of my pocket and scanned over my phone, but definitely not ideal.

So... this is what I did today...


Might be a distraction when putting but I think it will be a lot easier to remember and to tag the TAG

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I second this requirement. Tag's are fantastic, but they are meant to reduce the need for phone interaction. Having to use it on each hole is painful and severely frowned upon at some courses. 

Other than the above mentioned ideas, i'd suggest having an option to classify the last tagged putt as the flag position. So if you have 2 putts and mark 3, it records two putts and the last option as being the flag position. A toggle in the app settings would be all it takes, and maybe the ability to convert flags to putts for those times when you forget to mark the pin. 


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Craig, I think you misunderstood. I don't mean mark your last actual putt as the pin position. As you pointed out, that would make no sense. I mean as you are picking your ball out of the hole, you mark another putt (which wouldn't actually be classified as a putt, but rather the pin position." 

So if you 2 putt, you mark 3 putts with the last being converted to the pin position.

If you 1 putt, you mark 2. 

3 putt, mark 4 etc. 

This makes it super simple to mark the pin position without needing to fumble around with additional tags, or needing extra gear. 

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Absolutely a great idea. My idea would have been to add a button on the side of the Link that you would press to mark the flag position as you stood over the hole.

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oh, and this feature should also be added to the Samsung S3 watch interface. 

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Interesting idea, Art. I was considering putting one on chain attached to my divot tool. 

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Thanks! And I tell ya, this works perfect now. No distraction from putting and it's an easy lift and tag the phone when I'm picking up the ball from the cup.  

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Yes, you can mark the pin position from the app. But the discussion is around being to do it without needing to use the app. You can mark all your shots with the app but the tags are designed to make things quicker and easier. Needing to go back into the app during the round is less than ideal. With the tags you don't need to use your phone to mark a putt, you use the putter tag. My proposed solution is designed so people can mark all shots, putts, and flag position without needing to touch the app during the round. You can also mark the position from your watch as you said, but not everyone has a watch, the option is hidden in a sub menu, and it's not as easy as my suggested solution.

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Agreed with some of the above, except the "last putt" idea - if your last putt happens to be a 20' cracker, theoretically you're marking the pin position at the start of the putt and not the end, so flag position would be put by 20'. I think either a tag (which could even be incorporated into a ball marker as a special "pin" flag) would be the best bet, or a button on the link?

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So I know this is an old thread, but when I first got the golf tags I noticed that there was an option when assigning tags to use one as a flag marker, penalty, etc.  I have two extra tags as two broke when I was installing them.  I've assigned them to the flag and to a penalty.  Has anyone been doing it the way described above?  If so, do you mark the flag with a tag AFTER you put out or BEFORE?  I'm sure I'll figure it out when I play but was just looking to see what method everyone was using.  Thanks!


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Isn't there already the option to do this though? to mark the pin position from within the app? you simply stand over the hole, and then "mark flag" - isn't that the same thing? If you're getting your phone out to mark a putt, you may as well mark the flag instead and if going to the menu is an issue, then possibly a little "flag" button could be added which is only visible when you're on the green or something (based on GPS data maybe). I know this is also available on the smartwatch I think isn't it?

Ahhh yeah I'm with you now - ha ha, yup makes sense. Mark a putt with the putter tag, but the last one will always be the pin position, not an actual putt - got you :)

:-) Now I'm wishing the forum supported the paragraphs I added when typing from my phone. :-D

This is a feature we have discussed many times, we have not come up with an elegant solution yet but this is definitely something that we are continuing to explore and hope to implement in the future.