New Auto-Advance Algorithm for Android

New in Android Version 14.5

Update your app for a new hole auto-advance algorithm. This new algorithm uses artificial intelligence system backed by Google's TensorFlow framework to pick the right hole for recorded shots. You should see improved hole assignment when using Golf Pad LINK or TAGS. Choose between new and old algorithm in settings / auto-advance. 

Let us know what you think! This is a big feature update and we need everyone's feedback. If you see any issues, have questions or comments, lets us know.

We should have an iPhone release in the next several weeks as well!

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I have tried the Advanced Algorithm and on my Samsung S8 plus it isn't working very well. I have played two rounds with this update and after completing a hole and going to the next hole and tagging my Tee shot, the shots are not advancing to the next hole but being assigned to the previous hole. This has happened to me all day today on every hole and Saturday on each hole as well? I am reverting back to standard auto-advance algorithm for my next round on Saturday. Using the latest update with advanced algorithm for me has failed causing me to physically advance each hole manually prior to tagging tee shots. And in turn has caused me to use my phone way more than previous.

Douglas Smith - thank you for your feedback. We are going to have the team look into this by creating a support ticket. Once we've done that, please reply to the email with your support ID so we can get as many details as possible. 

OnePlus2, OxygenOS 3.6.0, Android 6.0.1.  Same thing.  New algorithm not advancing to next hole.  Previously no issue on same course.  5 rounds at the same 9 hole track since Saturday, same behaviour.  On 5 of the holes Driver is in use after Putter.

Maybe if after TensorFlow is done and a new hole is not detected the club selection could be run through the old algorithm as a fall back?

J.S. Walsh - we are sharing your comments and feedback with the development team. Thank you.

I had the same issue last night.  Never once did it auto-advance, and I ended up with putter then driver, etc. and had to move the strokes to the next hole, when I forgot to manually advance.  For now, I'm changing back to the old 'auto-advance'.

Using Galaxy S7 (G930V) Android 7.0 security patch Level: August 1st, 2017.

FYI:  the link above in your post only takes me to the 'log in page', and after I log in, goes back to the home page for the FAQ...then I can click your post again, click the link and right back to the log-in page.  (Thus why I'm making the comment here, instead of wherever your link would lead.  

Still very happy with the product, it will only get better when this feature starts working as well.

I just used it again, this time on the old algorithm.  Same behaviour, it did not advance once to the next hole on its own.  This time it may be related to the fact that it didn't record any putts, despite giving me the positive feedback associated with a successful scan.  No putts registered.  If I manually put in the putts, it still did not auto advance to the next hole when the driver (or 3W, 3H, 4I) were next used.

I am having the same experience as JSW above. Not advancing for either algorithm when driving on the next hole and putts not being registered on a consistent 100 per cent.

@All - thank you. We are passing this feedback to the development team. We will post additional info after we investigate.

I am having the same experience as all above. Not advancing for either algorithm when driving on the next hole and putts not being registered.
Played today and all putts were registered correctly using the Link and my HTC 10. The hole advance did not work at all. The HTC 10 is on Android 5.0.2, HTC Sense version 6.0, software number 7.19.401.51

Using a Motorola Droid Maxx 2 paired to an Asus Zenwatch 2 and TAGS. Both have the latest updates for software. I noticed that the auto-advance was not working on Monday, Aug 28th, during league play (9 holes). Had no idea that I had an update and my App automatically was using the new algorithm. Shots were registering fine, but the auto advance was not working. Played again today, Sep 2, 18 holes at a different course and the auto advance was not working again. Shots seemed to be registering OK, but I did have one hole that had an extra "putter" after my 2nd shot on a par 5. When I got home, I was going to email Support about the auto advance and came across this post. I checked my phone and switched back to the old algorithm and will play again on Monday. I'll let you know if it worked.

Just a thought, but next time that the app has a major update like this, an announcement splash screen would be appreciated to let us know what has changed so we are aware.

On a good note, up until this update, the App has been working flawlessly and I really enjoy using it!!

Thanks - Randy

OK - went and played today with the old algorithm and what everyone said earlier is true. Putts do not register with the TAGS and the holes do not advance automatically. Switched back to the new algorithm and putts will register with TAGS but the holes do not auto advance. My question is if the old algorithm used to work, why does it not work now? Did something in the old algorithm get changed? If so, you guys might as well get rid of that option to use it because it is worse than the new algorithm now.

I was not aware of the update and didn't notice that I was set to new.  I have always had minor trouble with seeing shots recorded on holes that I haven't played yet but just yesterday I was on my third hole having played maybe a dozen shots or so when I noticed that my scorecard looked like it had been assigned random shots...a shot here ....another there...a half dozens shots scattered around the holes on the card.  So I came to the forum and read about auto-advance.  I don't know if this is related because it's just not skipping (advancing) to the next hole.  They were randomly assigned or so it appeared.  I've set it back to old to see what happens my next round.

Hi Jon, I had that problem myself and wrote a support ticket about 2 weeks ago about the random assigning of shots all over the place. Support said that they were working on it but nothing yet. I played today using the old algorithm and now I have the problem of not registering putts and not auto advancing at all. I just switched the Link off mid round today and went back to just using the Tags just to finish the round. Right now the Link is just becoming to un-reliable requiring to much phone interaction while I play which in my case is a no no..


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