Android v. 14.10.5 Released Today

The version includes the fix for putting from watch, handicap calculation and some map improvements. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

This latest version has fixed the putting from the watch, however when adding a penalty it still gives the message NO GPS


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I agree with Geoffrey ... same thing happens to me.

We are checking with our team about this. Thank you for letting us know what you are seeing. We'll post a reply ASAP.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It will be resolved with the next update. 

An update after my latest round of golf. My pebble watch is paired and recording all the distances to the green normally, but I cannot add a shot, putt or penalty from the watch. This is slightly different to previous as now I am not getting the message NO GPS.  
My humble apologies. As a last resort I rebooted my phone and all is back to normal. The only issue I have is as before, when I add a penalty from the watch it still gives the message NO GPS. Please disregard my previous post.


Thanks for the update Geoffrey. 

Updated to 14.11 yesterday and the penalties now work with the watch. Everything seems to be working as it should now. Thanks!!

Penalties are also working for me after updating to 14.11.1 The circles and squares are back too. All good. Thank you.


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putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, G.I.R.
whst means. putts, accuracy, penalties, fairways, sand, G.I.R.

Putt = strokes taken on the green (not on the fringe or the approach)

Accuracy = how close your approach shot is to the flag

Penalties = strokes assessed for hitting out of bounds, into the water, losing a ball, etc.

Fairways = shots hit from the tee box that land in the fairway (not the first cut or the rough) with the exception of Par 3 holes. Those tee box shots should land on the green (Accuracy)

Sand = shots hit from the sand bunker (any sand bunker)

G.I.R. = Greens In Regulation ... Par 3 GIR is 1 shot, Par 4 GIR is 2 shots, Par 5 GIR is 3 shots.

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