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players of similar ability is average scores?

Is there any more explanation to this stat = 'players of similar ability' ?

I read it is "average scores" 

I think if it were taken from players of "similar handicap" for example +/- 1 handicap it would be useful to know for example my short game is worse than "similar players" (= players at my handicap) than some 'average score' which isn't actually defined - but then that is the 'flaw of averages' 

Could this be a ticket to develop the app to something a bit more meaningful?

For the forum - is this statistic useless to others as well?  Let me know post comments, thanks

I hadn't given it much thought, but think either would give me the same information in the end. For example, compared to other players 'of similar ability', I don't drive the ball as well. And if I improve in that area, that may bump my game up to the next level.

But similar ability could mean other players that are right-handed...

The comparison really does need a description - or in statistical terms a 'baseline' otherwise we might be comparing hours of sunshine in summer again winter.  

Hopefully someone will know the formula used :-) 

'Similar ability' means all Golf Pad users with similar average score (+- 2 strokes on an 18 hole course). This does not take into account course or tee rating at this time, so if you are playing very hard or very easy courses often, this comparison will be skewed. If you play average difficulty course or mix of courses it should be fairly accurate. The goal behind this data is to help golfers identify where their game lags behind and what part of the game needs the biggest improvement. Hope this helps! 


just to check then

If my average score is 92 from previous played holes then it is comparing me to players that have scored 90-94

Or is it the net score after course par = my average score is (92-72) 20 and other players 18-22.  This makes more sense and even though sss is not calculated here I think it good enough.


Correct, it looks at the difference against par.