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Scoring Stats by course

I think theres some ability to offer some very useful stats related around a specific course. Some ideas would be looking at your average and best scores for each hole on a course. Say I've played the same course 10 times, it would be great to see best score for each hole, including a "theoretically best round" at each course. This would use the best score you've had for each hole on a course showing you what the best round you COULD have shot. 

Also, you could identify that on this course maybe you constantly double bogey #8, or always play well on #11 for instance. Historical data by course in a view where you can see all past rounds/scores for each hole would be ideal. 

We already have the data it would just be a matter of organizing and presenting it this way. 

Hi Taylor - thanks for posting! have you taken a look at the statistics tab from the start screen and select "courses"? We have hole by hole stats by course. You can filter by dates or by last 50, 20, or 10 rounds. Your suggestion about theoretical best round is an interesting one. I'll be sure to pass that on to the development team for consideration. Take a look and let me know what you think! 

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Ah ok. I do see the stats by hole on the app. I primarily use the desktop/web version when reviewing the stats and it appears this is not accessible via web. Is that something that can be added?

Hi again. I'm glad that information helped. Have you drilled down into the "long game" stats from your Player Dashboard? You'll see a breakdown like this:

Each block displayed on your dashboard reveals more information if you click on it. I hope that helps. I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the development team as well. 

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Thank you for the additional info, but I was just hoping to view individual hole stats per course on the web version, like you can do in the app. 

To add here, I would appreciate to see an automatic information when I finish a round on my regular course such as : "Best score ever ! -2 versus last time, -3 versus the average score on this course"

eventually also the stroke gain data versus "last time" + "all time".

I think you have all the data to do it, but it would be just an easier vision of it.


I was wondering it there was a way to sort all or just a certain rounds from best score to worst.

@Wayde - great question. You can export your Golf Pad playing history and sort it from there. I hope this helps! - Cindy

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