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Distance to hazards on watch

Would be great to see the distance to say bunkers or water on my Apple Watch. This feature has been available on Garmin gold watches for many years Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Thank you Cory. We are working on adding automatic distance to hazards on the watch but don't have a specific timeline right now. We appreciate your suggestion for for being a user of the Golf Pad app. - Cindy

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Please add  automatic distance to hazards also for Wear OS watch, thanks.

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Is this option available for samsung watches? Or is it in the same timeline? It is the only option I'm really missing in an otherwise GREAT app.

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This is a super important feature and I don't understand why it isn't being worked on as a higher priority. There are several friends I know of who would love GoflPad but wouldn't pull the trigger due to lack of this particular feature. You have the GPS coordinates of the hazards! show them on the watch!

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. This feature is on our roadmap. We hear you and are working toward making this feature available as soon as we can.  

Please fast track hazard distances for Samsung watch, even if at additional cost, this is a key requirement for difficult courses especially if they're unfamiliar

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Would also love distance to hazards. Need to get this feature going please.
Looking forward to the distance to hazards feature. Thanks.

Hello all - distance to hazards is a HUGE undertaking, as you can imagine with 40k world wide courses supported. This requires human eyes. :) We've expanded our team and we are officially starting the project of mapping the hazards on the most popular courses to start. We appreciate your continued support. 

Hi Cindy, appreciate mapping out hazards on 40k courses is difficult! Perhaps make a way for people to mark hazards themselves on their local course? As an idea - a button in the app to mark the front of the hazard using GPS location in the same way "mark flag" exists. Of course this needs to be uploaded and be for the benefit of all players of the course. Rob

Hi Cindy, glad this feature is on the roadmap, but understand that the mapping itself is a big undertaking.

Could GolfPad not simply allow us (the users) to map out the bunkers in exactly the same way we can currently map out a missing course? Via

NB: For anyone not familiar with the tool, watch the video on


Hi Cindy, Could GolfPad not just adjust the tool to allow us to mark the front/back of any hazards ourselves?

That would allow us to get the hazard distances that so many seem keen for, whilst also saving Golfpad lots of legwork.

NB: For anyone unfamiliar with the tool, watch the short video at:


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Hi Luke - it is a big undertaking, however, we are currently working on this. We do plan to have an option for users to contribute as well once we lay most of the ground work. Thanks for your comment and for sharing the link to the mapping tool. - Cindy

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Hi Cindy, I appreciate that the Hazard feature on the smartwatch is on the roadmap, can you give an indication of when this feature can be expected?

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