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Search Course by Nams

The other thread on this was randomly closed without explanation so I'm resurfacing this glaring feature gap here. There are thousands of golf courses all over north America and Europe where the golf course does not reside within a "city", but instead may be located on a district, municipal subdivision, hamlet, county, or other category. This means that a golf course can be extremely difficult if not impossible to search for because there is no way to know what "city" the golf course sits under. Add to that the problem that some large municipal areas have dozens and dozens of facilities, and the sorting and searching of the results is a pain. You guys have been saying this very basic search by course name feature has been in progress is it? I'm paying premium AND doing the favour of being on the beta...still nothing....??
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Hi Raymond,

Our team has been working to improve the course search option, and make the parameters more user friendly. As requested, course name has been added. This functionality is currently available in Android. We're working to bring this same option to iPhone, and hope to make it available soon.

Thank you for your feedback.

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