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Posted 10 months ago by Andrew Bardwell

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Andrew Bardwell

After my round, I usually enter the map view to go from hole to hole and see if I missed any shots or club assignments. I’ll often find a couple discrepancies that I’d like to edit (e.g. marking a lie as fringe or sand), but I need to back out of map view, then re-enter the Edit Scores view, navigate to the hole, and then make the edit. 

If there was a way from the map view to jump to the hole edit screen where you could edit locations, lie, clubs, etc. that would be fantastic. 

As an added feature, if the hole edit screen contained a link back to the map overview of the hole, then one could resume going hole-by-hole in map view to review the rest of their round after they finished editing that hole.

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Matthew Frampton posted 3 months ago

I agree i think this would be amazing to have, it is annoying to have to go back and forth especially when it resets to hole one each time you're looking at the holes.

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Beat posted 8 months ago

Agree as well. At least a button to switch from map view directly to edit score view of the same hole.

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Jrbradt posted 9 months ago

I agree as well!

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Andrew Turner posted 10 months ago

Agreed, this is one of my minor frustrations with the app!

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