Strokes Gained is the revolutionary approach to game analysis, based on the "Every Shot Counts" book by Columbia business professor, Mark Broadie. 

Strokes Gained is the measure of how well someone performs compared to the average PGA Tour player, taking into account the length and location of each shot and putt. We use PGA tour data for Strokes Gained. We compare against other Golf Pad users with similar average scoring when we show stats on our web dashboard. 


Here's a video of Mark Broadie explaining 
Strokes Gained

Note: This is a video hosted on a third party site, not maintained by Golf Pad.


Golf Pad GPS includes an automatic Strokes Gained calculator. 

It allows you to see the impact of every shot during your round, as well as aggregated statistics by category: 

  • Driving
  • Approach
  • Short Game
  • Putting


NOTE: Golf Pad Premium is required to view full Strokes Gained analysis.