Why are the social login options discontinued?

There are several reasons:

1) We found that many Golf Pad users were confused about how to access their account, having forgotten they used a social sign in. They would try to recover an email password that didn't exist. This resulted in frustration and time spent by the users and our support team to sort this out. Eliminating the social sign-in solves this issue and makes account management much more streamlined.

2) There are several technical advantages to removing the social sign-in option. Facebook, Google and Apple periodically update their libraries that provide the sign-in functionality. In turn, Golf Pad has to implement, test and release matching updates to accommodate these changes. This takes time and resources away from improving core golf-related features in Golf Pad. Additionally, there were several occasions where Facebook or Google updates resulted in bugs or glitches beyond our control. This impacted golfers' ability to use Golf Pad. Removing the social sign-ins eliminates this risk of this happening again in the future. 

3) Removing social sign-in option reduces the size of the Golf Pad app. This means the app will load and run a bit more quickly and use slightly less battery.

Got it! How do I switch my Golf Pad account from a social sign-in to email?

The process is quick and easy and only takes a minute. See this page for step-by-step instructions.