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Counting Putts

Apparently, putts from the fringe are counted as putts but statistically they should be considered a chip. Even though a putter is used from off the green only putts made on the putting surface should count as putts. (There is an exception to that - once striking the first putt from on the green, if it should roll off the green onto the fringe or into the rough, the next shot from there is still considered a putt - that would be difficult to automatically account for in any app and certainly NOT a request!)

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Hi Phil -  You are correct. Putts from the fringe should be considered a chip. We are looking into this so it can be resolved ASAP. Thanks for letting us know about it. - Cindy

Might I suggest that the team consider that if I track a shot and choose the putter, it should be treated differently from tracking a putt? It ought to be able to make that feature work and avoids the difficulty associated with the app knowing exactly where the fringe is. 

I am keen for this feature. I already have enough 3 putts, I don't need another one when my 'approach' shot with the putter counts :)

Hi Phil & Rick,

When you select the putter it defaults to putting from the green. If you go back and change it to "fringe," Golf Pad will not count that as a putt. I do this every time and it works. It takes an additional step to go back and change the putting surface, but at least it no longer shows as a 3-putt.

Thanks. I will try that.

Interestingly, I found that if I click Track Shot and select putter (rather than clicking track putt) the option to change the lie type is directly shown

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