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Map view on watch

Hello...just started using the app, but enjoying it very much.  The only thing lacking from some other premium watches / apps is map view on the watch...Is there any plans to get the map view visable on a Samsung watch (Active2)?

Many thanks.

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Hello Matej - thanks for checking in. Due to several factors, we will not be launching this in 2022. I'm not involved in all the intricacies of the development, so I can't speak to specifics. I do know it's in process and the team knows it's a popular request. They are working hard to bring this to fruition for everyone. 


You might want to check out 15th Club Theyhave a simple interface with a slick map view on the watch. I love golf pad but if you need to see the map I found this app is a good back up.

Hi Matej - thanks for asking. The answer remains the same as my previous reply. There are factors that have delayed the release of this feature. I don't have a timeline for you right now. 

Thomas - thanks for sharing your experience with the app. Hopefully it's helpful to other users. 

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