Yes, Golf Pad offers Standalone mode starting with watch version 23 and Golf Pad version 15.80 or later. It is supported on GPS-equipped Wear watches.

How do I get started? 

1. Update Golf Pad app to the latest version available in Google Play. 

2. Smartwatch sync is a part of Golf Pad Premium upgrade. If you don't have premium yet, please upgrade to use this new featureClick here to learn about all Premium features

3. Start a round on the phone. The app will be automatically started on the smartwatch. Make sure you see rangefinder distances and can navigate between holes by swiping left or right. 

4. The watch uses the phone's GPS while connected to the phone. Make sure location is enabled in watch settings. Disable Bluetooth or enable Airplane mode and the watch will use its own GPS in standalone mode. 

5. When you are about to finish the round, enable Bluetooth or disable Airplane mode. Once the phone and the watch are in range and connected, you will see the scores from the watch appear in Golf Pad app on the phone. Finish the round on the phone.