Add penalty, record sand or mark flag position directly from Golf Pad LINK, without using the phone!

This is one of the most popular requests from current and future LINK users and we are happy to announce it's available with the latest update!

NOTE: custom actions for LINK power button are available on Android with Golf Pad version 14.9 or later.  LINK firmware version 6 or later is required, you will be prompted to update the firmware within the Golf Pad app. LINK firmware 7 and app version 11.13 or later is required on iPhone

How to configure

(iPhone screen will look slightly different, but the steps are the same)

  • Open Golf Pad preferences in the upper right of the start screen. 
  • Next, select Golf Pad LINK settings. 
  • Tap edit next to Power Button settings.

Finally, select one of several options shown.

How to use

Simply press the power button briefly on LINK during the round to perform the custom action you've chosen. The LINK will make one long vibration as a confirmation. If the phone is connected, the action will be synced immediately, otherwise it will sync the next time the phone is in range.

GPS location must be acquired by LINK. If it does not have the GPS location lock, the custom action will not work and LINK will make three short vibrations.

To turn off the LINK reader, press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. NOTE, you can still power on the reader with a single brief press of power button.

Troubleshooting and feedback

Please contact us and we'll be happy to help!