How to use Golf Pad LINK during a round

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Initial setup

If you haven't already, please complete the initial set up of your Golf Pad LINK. See detailed phone pairing and club assignment instructions. Be sure to familiarize yourself with LINK controls, lights and vibration patterns.

Ways to use LINK

Now as you are ready to play, there are three ways you can use LINK during a round:

Online (with your phone)

If you start a round on the phone and keep the phone on you while playing, you will receive instant confirmation on the phone whenever you track a shot. You can also review the score and shot distances at any time and make edits if necessary. Note that Golf Pad app will rely on your LINK reader for GPS location information to improve accuracy and save phone battery. If you are playing in a tournament, be sure to enable regulation mode in the app.

Offline (without your phone)

Keep your phone away. Simple power on the LINK before you go to the first tee and track every shot by tapping the club against the reader. Once you finish playing or if you are ready to review the round played so far, start the Golf Pad on your phone and connect to LINK in its settings. You will receive a prompt to import the shots. Proceed to select the course and choose the tees. Once import is completed you will have an option to review and save the scorecard or continue playing this round.


Start with online mode, but leave the phone in your bag or golf cart. LINK will sync new shots whenever it is in range with the phone. You can review the score whenever you like and make instant edits (for example when you need to track a penalty or a sand shot). 

We strongly encourage new LINK users to start with online mode and review each hole as it's completed. As you get more comfortable with tracking your game with LINK, try offline or hybrid mode to see what works best for you.

Tracking shots

Just before you take your shot, tap the club end with the tag installed to the wireless reader. You'll feel a single long vibration to indicate the shot was successfully recorded. Continue in the same manner with each shot or putt. If there was a problem recording a shot (for example if LINK does not have GPS location lock), it will make three short vibrations.

Hole auto-advance

Whether you play online or offline, Golf Pad app automatically assigns shots to the right hole. It relies on shot locations, hole layout, clubs used, existing scores and other factors to determine when it should advance to the next hole. 

If you notice some of the shots were not assigned to the correct hole, you can easily move the shots. Also please report the problem to us so we can adjust the algorithm. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner, select 'Report a problem', 'Other' and send us an email with a quick description of the problem.

Recording penalties, sand and fairways

You can configure LINK's power button to record penalties, sand shots or mark flag position. See this article for more information. Alternatively, you can manage all these actions on the phone. To record a penalty, open the shot list on the phone, tap + and select Add Penalty. You can then drag and drop the penalty stroke to the right place in the order. You can also change lie type for each shot using shot list. Just tap the club and select the appropriate lie type. Use this method to mark shots made from the sand.

Golf Pad automatically determines fairway hit or miss and miss direction based on shot location. If you need to edit fairway status, please tap the fairway icon in the score bar in the lower part of the screen.

Putts from green vs putts from fringe

All shots tracked with putter are automatically recorded as putts from green. You can change lie type for individual putts from the shot list.

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