Golf Pad Events potential new features

Modified on Wed, 01 Feb 2023 at 02:35 PM

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Feature descriptions below:

  • Automatic handicap index lookup (from GHIN and similar)

Handicap integration within the system.  Entering golfers with an active GHIN number (or Similar) will enable the admin to pull up to the minute handicap index information prior to an event. 

  • Multi-day events

Competition settings will allow for a tournament to take place over several days, at different golf courses, and the possibility for different competition formats.  A few examples of multi-day events are Member-Guest, Ryder cup, and Bracket tournaments. 

  • Leagues

League play would be suggested for weekly play or continuous play throughout a season.  Leagues is helpful when the field is mostly the same and reoccurring matches take place over multiple rounds, typically 5 or more.  League is common for larger ongoing round robin events.

  • Team average handicaps

A handicap using the average of all the playing handicaps for a team. Commonly used in scramble format.

  • Callaway 15 handicaps

Callaway 15 handicap is used when golfers don't have an established handicap.  Players will not know their handicap until the round is over. Callaway is a worst holes calculation that uses up to 6 of a golfers worst holes in a round.  The Callaway deduction chart is used to obtain a handicap. That handicap is then subtracted from the player gross score to provide the players net score.

  • Peoria handicaps

Peoria handicaps are often used when golfers don't have an established handicap. Peoria is a system that provides a handicap on the fly, and is based on the current round being played.  An impartial admin chooses 6 holes (one par 3, par 4, par 5 from each nine) to base the players handicap off of.  To calculate the handicap you determine the number of strokes over par for each of the preselected 6 holes (maximum double bogey on any hole) and multiply that number by three. E.g. Jon made bogey (1 over par) on each of the six selected holes, making the total number 6. When multiplied 3 Jon's handicap is 18.

  • Off lowest handicaps

Off lowest handicaps is a method of handicapping off of the lowest handicap, and simplifies the handicap or strokes given. The player in the competition with the lowest handicap plays to 0 and all other handicaps are reduced by the same number. E.g. Jon is an 18 and Ryan is a 10. Ryan receives zero strokes and Jon's is also reduced by 10, making his handicap 8.    

  • Match play side game

Match play is a head to head competition between 2 golfers. Instead of trying to post the best full 18 hole score, golfers are trying to best their competitors on each individual hole.  Match play can be played either gross or net.  If played net you use the two golfers handicaps to determine the number of strokes. You then allocate the number of strokes given by starting with the most difficult holes and work backwards.  A match is won by winning more holes than your opponent, and the match is completed when your competitor mathematically can't win or comeback, based on the number of holes left. E.g. Jon has a 3 hole lead over Ryan with 2 holes left to play, the match is over because Ryan can't mathematically win.

  • Quota Scoring

Quota is a golf format which golfers earn points for their scores on each hole, with the goal to accumulate enough points to beat a pre-set goal.  First you establish the target point goal, a common point goal is 36.  Point values for scores are commonly 1 for bogey, 2 for par, 4 for birdie, and 8 for eagle. You then determine each players starting point value, which is the same as their individual course handicap.  E.g. Jon's course handicap is 18, so he starts with 18 points. Ryan's course handicap is 10, so he starts with 10.  The winner is determined based on their final point total, relative to the target point goal.  Using the points per hole established and the target of 36, Jon finishes with 38 (+2) points and Ryan finishes with 41 (+5), Ryan is the winner.

  • Nassau Scoring

Nassau format is based on an 18 hole competition consisting of front 9, back 9 and overall competitions.  Using either points or purse Nassau determines three winners within one competition.  Also known as or called front, back, and overall.  

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