Live Leaderboard is a new feature that allows golfers to sync their scores and scorecards with any other invited golfers. In the Golf Pad app anyone can create a Live Leaderboard, they are then prompted to invite other golfers to join. The Live Leaderboard feature creates a central interactive standings page for all golfers involved. Scores are are updated as soon as any of the golfers complete a hole. Any golfer who is a part of the Live Leaderboard has the ability to invite other golfers to join. 

The standings page can be accessed within the Golf Pad app from the trophy menu (upper right-hand side). Anyone (golfers or those following along) can also access the standings page by sharing the page link. Those following along via the portal standings page can view current scores and standings or select hole by hole view to see all golfer scores shown hole by hole

For those Golf Pad users familiar with our group rounds, Live Leaderboards is the new and much improved replacement of this feature.  

Learn more about how to set up a Live Leaderboard.